April 22, 2024

Following complaints dating back over 15 years, the Virginia Department of Health Professions earlier this month suspended the veterinary license of Winchester doctor Ayman Ahmed Salem, stating that “a substantial danger to public health or safety” warranted the suspension of Salem’s license.  

The Order of Summary Suspension was signed on March 15, 2022, by Leslie L. Knachel, M.P.H., the executive director of the Virginia Board of Veterinary Medicine (VBVM); it cited five cases that contributed to the suspension.  

Salem’s Winchester practice, Silver Spring Veterinary Hospital, and his Harrisonburg, VA practice, Harrisonburg Veterinary Emergency Clinic are both listed online as “closed.” Calls to both facilities went unanswered and a mobile phone number for Dr. Salem has been disconnected. 

Dr. Ayman Salem, whose veterinary license was suspended on March 15th, has shuttered offices in Winchester and Harrisonburg. Photo from social media.

In a Tuesday email from Diane Powers, the spokesperson for the Virginia Department of Health Professions, wrote that a two-day hearing regarding Salem’s license would be held on April 28 and April 29 in Richmond.  

Salem has been cited by the VBVM eight other times, beginning in 2006, before this month’s suspension of his license.  Moreover, those orders included disciplinary action ranging from monetary fines, ordered continuing education, and the loss of surgical privileges, except in emergent situations.  

Following the two-day hearing next month, which will be held in Richmond, the Board could take several actions, including dismissing the case and exonerating Salem; reprimanding him; requiring him to pay a monetary penalty; placing him on probation and/or under terms and conditions; continuing the license suspension or revoking Salem’s license.  

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